The Better You

FOCUS ON THE BETTER YOU! Yes, this one won’t come easy TRUST ME on that one but as quick as you take that in also know that IT IS NECESSARY. We all have trials and tribulations blocking the light shining over the BETTER YOU. The only way to get beyond who you are today is to change that dirty lens from yesterday and adjust your focus. Instead of focusing on the things you have absolutely NO CONTROL over focus on what you can change about yesterday TODAY. Unlock the better you and get out of your way.

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For example, lets say yesterday your best friend hit you up with the negative annie haha I’m talking about your on Facebook and just realized you got blocked and now (drum roll) THE DRAMA begins haha. In order to unlock the better you today you have to get off of Facebook and eliminate that road block from happening again. Or your on Instagram and see the subliminal message from bestie #2 haha GET YOUR BUTT OFF OF INSTAGRAM and unlock the better you today. I know its funny but these are real life circumstances and in order to to be better today than you were yesterday you have to wake up cleaning ASAP. So today we on focused on unlocking the BETTER YOU one step at a time. Stop looking 3 months down the road and build on today so when 3 months from today get here you can look up and say WOW LOOK AT ME NOW (chris brown voice).


– The Youth Campaign

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