Success Is In You

SUCCESS IS ALREADY IN YOU! There is a reason we say “just believe in yourself”; most of the time you just have to know that you have what it takes to be successful. To often we focus so strongly on others that we lose sight of what success is for ourselves. For me, being better than I was yesterday is success for me because I understand that as long as I’m getting better everyday I am on path to achieving success. YES, I’m measuring mines day by day so as long as I am better than I was before I WIN. Its ok to have a long term goal but you have to focus on RIGHT NOW and being a better you RIGHT NOW. Even if its a small incline, any progress IS A WIN. Look at it like this, if your going up a hill you can only get to the top one step at a time right? That same process applies to life, so you have to turn off your scatter vision and focus on correcting your steps to stay on path to success. Remember “EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO BE SUCCESSFUL IS ALREADY IN YOU”, you just have to stay focused and stay on path.

– The Youth Campaign

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