Starving For Success

Are you willing to do whatever it takes? Are you willing to put your pride to the side and really (I mean really) go for what you know? Joe Anderson today we salute you. Why? Because Joe Anderson who has 2 kids and a wife to support got up and said “[I’m] Not homeless . . . . But [I’m] starving for success!!!”. He didn’t care about what anybody thought, said or tweeted; that pride went to the side because he had to have it and had to go get it. So there he is standing in front of the Houston Texans practice facility every morning for six weeks dressed for the job (cleats, shorts, gloves and a t shirt). So Joe Anderson was prepared mentally and physically. What was his outcome? He signed to the Jets practice squad December 22, 2015 which is one step closer to where he wants to be.

What I am saying is NO MATTER WHAT you have going on in life somehow you have to dig down deep enough and get ready to go get it. If its a spot on a team you need to be up every morning BEFORE THE ALARM CLOCK and getting it done. If its a degree or diploma you need to be up BEFORE THE ALARM CLOCK getting it done. If its that job you want you need to be up BEFORE THE ALARM CLOCK getting it done. There is more than enough time in a day (MINUS THE DISTRACTIONS) to prepare yourself to a 110% preparedness NO EXCUSES. Life wasn’t always in my favor but when I made the decision, anything standing before me was would be moved to the side. Thats the mentality I have because I want it that bad. I need everybody to go 24 hours with no food and feel it just take it in. Then remind yourself the next day of that hunger and apply it to success.

– The Youth Campaign

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