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Ochocinco Broke Since 1978?

Chad Johnson aka Mr. Ochocinco recently sat down with Graham Bensinger that even I had to watch twice. So go ahead and get ready to take some notes (at least 5 points) before you press play then lets chop it up.

Mentor/Mentee Notes:

  1. My jewelry has always been fake.
  2. The things that people like to do I am not into it.
  3. I’m not trying to live up to society standards.
  4. My transition really wasn’t that difficult because I was living crazy when I was making it.
  5. It looks better coming in then going out.

So my points stood out for me because the point here is simple,  its ok to just be yourself and not chase after society standards of life. Here you have Chad Johnson a guy who played in the Pro Bowl 6 times, went ALL Pro 4 times and the list goes on; sitting here saying “I’m not trying to live up to society standards“. But you someone who hasn’t had your chance with success yet can get up everyday and display a life that is unrealistic to keep up with someone like Chad Johnson. Is that not crazy? Is that not backwards?

Now the whole perception of Chad Johnson thing is debatable depending on who your speaking with but the idea of taking control of your public perception is where we all need to be. Im saying be who you are and stand firm on that. Chad Johnson said it himself “I’m Cheap” so why is it an issue to get your money and keep it? Why is it an problem for the new J’s come out and you take the day off from the “I got it first” fan club?  This is something that we all lack in but why? I to was an advocate for the “need” to buy fancy things to keep up with the perceptions of a Chad Johnson. But think about it Chad Johnson is only 1 to speak out, now just imagine how many others are also keeping there pockets zipped up while you spend all of your money to keep up.

Society places so many images in front of us that it is sometimes a burden on our ability to be successful because these perceptions becomes distractions from what we need to do (not want to do). There has been times where I literally had to space myself from others because for me spending hours speaking about someone we know nothing about besides what is giving to us on TV is crazy to me. Like literally people are so caught up sometimes that they get emotional and passionate about someone without ever having to speak or meet them.

Don’t make your transition at 40 or 50 years old difficult because of the bad decisions your making today. If I haven’t said it before then I will say it now I commend Chad Johnson on his honesty and PLEASE focus on your vision ONLY. Go be the best you TODAY and remember your only focus is to be BETTER than you were yesterday.


-The Youth Campaign

( Graham Bensinger )

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