Program Overview:

Our Mentors Against Bullying program engages young men and women ages 8-18. The purpose of this program is to provide a consistent platform for victims of bullying to be heard, learn defensive methods and receive valuable resources. An engaging and structured foundation for adolescents is the goal. Our youth understands that their voices matter and that they’re not alone.

Program Goal:

Our goal is to strengthen our mentor outreach by addressing troubling issues within communities through programs and events. Bullying has become a growing issue in Nevada; with Mentors Against Bullying and our Youth Campaign we will speak against bullying and provide a fun, engaging and educating platform for victims of bullying. Engaging community leaders and surrounding communities will help establish a more defined support system.

Program Objectives:

  1. Increase awareness and vocalize the power of mentoring.
  2. Increase social media presence to strengthen youth interaction.
  3. Establish a presence of mentors within CCSD and charter schools.
  4. Build community relationships for continued support.
  5. Promote Group Mentoring and Peer to Peer Mentoring.