Live Your Own Life

I’ve seen this episode play OVER & OVER again. No matter who I speak with, when the topic of unhappiness comes up the #1 reason is attempting to satisfy someone else. BUT how does that work? You make everybody else happy and then hope there is some happiness left for you? This is not easy people so don’t let me make it seem as if it is but you have to be happy with you FIRST. Rather it is financial burden of another individual, personal obligations of another individual, a personal need of another individual etc. As hard as it may be DO NOT allow yourself to suffocate your own happiness trying to please some one else selfish expectations. Focus on things that satisfy your happiness and if you have time to indulge in other peoples wants or needs then do so if you choose but YOUR HAPPINESS COMES FIRST. Rather it is volunteering for an awesome cause like ours, quality time with family, a night out on the town with friends (not to much partying though haha), a live event, shopping, community activities etc. Remember YOUR HAPPINESS COMES FIRST and live your own life.

“Stop letting other people selfish expectations dictate YOUR LIFE”

– The Youth Campaign

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