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Everyday is another opportunity in our local communities. The future of our youth is very important and delicate; that is why we bring awareness to the importance of mentorship. It is our mission to address alterable risk factors through our programs. To date we have mentored over 300 children between the ages of 10 and 17 years old. In 2014 73% of children in Nevada experienced academic difficulties giving Nevadans youth a D grade (that statistic alone is SCARY). We understand the silent cry as they seek inspiration, mentors and resources. Together we will tear down these dark walls and build a wall of new beginnings. New beginnings start with our character building programs, mentorship programs, sports, recreational activities, direct community involvement and more.

– The Youth Campaign

What we are doing . . .

  • Expanding Outreach Programs
  • Creating Meaningful Workshops
  • Increasing Mentor/Mentee Volumes
  • Closing the Mentoring Gap with Community Involvement
  • Providing Valuable Resources and Tools

Why you are awesome . . .

  • Your Helping Increase the Youth Success Rate
  • A Percentage of Children Now Have Mentors
  • The Youth Campaign Is Now Stronger Than Before
  • Your Guaranteeing Someone Cares
  • You Are A Huge Part Of The Solution